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Code: PB-22
Colour: red or black
Size: 160cm to 185cm adjustable height
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

* Top quality Morgan flexible PU Foam MMA Bob Man Human Dummy Punch Man free standing punching bag
* Great for punching speed and accuracy training on human target areas
* Adjustable to 3 heights 160 to 185 cm approx.
* Impact absorbing PU foam dummy with a polyethylene base
* Steel frame rubber shaft support with pressurised stem for optimal rebound performance action
* Water or sand filled base for maximum stability
* Ideal for supervised personal training use only
* Not recommended for heavy commercial use
* Also not suitable for power striking, kicking or hitting with batons or any hard or sharp object

* Great for speed and accuracy training on realistic lifelike human target

* May move on smooth surfaces with excessive force or if you push with your strikes

* Weight with water approx. 120-130 kg

* No jewellery or weaponry should be used on the product as it may cause severe wear and possible serration of the product

* Free Standing Human Dummy base should remain upright and stationary at all times. The base is not designed to be tilted or rolled on its side or on its edge when filled. If the base is tilted and rolled away for storage the base may break.

* Please take care when lifting or relocating the product. Moving of the base and dummy when filled with either sand or water is a two man operation. If on a smooth floor surface you can slide a strong rug carefully underneath the base and then the whole unit can be dragged along by pulling the rug so it slides along the floor.

* Made in Taiwan with high quality control

Masters Tips:
Always use good quality bag mitts or boxing gloves to reduce impact.
Don't focus on power.
Work on balance, accuracy, defence, footwork, timing, speed and endurance.
Real power comes when you are relaxed and when you have mastered all the elements.

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