As a preventative health measure if you or your family members are experiencing any signs of having coronavirus or influenza or are not feeling well please do not attend Universal Self Defence classes.

Also do not attend classes if you think you may have been exposed to any infectious disease &/or are waiting for tests results.
It is always best to follow current professional medical advice and if advised to do so self isolate for the recommended period of time.

It is important we all take the necessary precautions not to spread any infectious diseases so please follow the latest advise of your local health services as it does vary depending on the spread of diseases in your area.

Hopefully from the recent COVID-19 outbreak we will all learn better ways to improve our health and hygiene which can have an enormous benefit in helping to prevent the spread of many infectious diseases including COVID-19 and influenza.

Universal Self Defence is not only about learning how to defend yourselves it's also about respect and consideration for others and helping those that maybe more vulnerable than ourselves.