Good news everyone, just in time for the xmas season, you can now buy easy to use Universal Self Defence store wide gift vouchers to give to friends, relatives or loved ones via email.

Just use our web site search box with the word Voucher and all the gift vouchers will come up so you can choose the amount you want from $30 to $200.

When ordering a Gift Voucher you will be able to enter the name and email address of the recipient before proceeding to the checkout page.
You also have the option of entering the date and time for when you would like the voucher to be emailed using the same date and time format as: 10 Oct 2021, Hour: 1 to 12, am/pm.
Or you can choose to have the email voucher sent without delay by not entering a send date.
And you also have the option of adding a personalised message to the voucher email. e.g. Happy Birthday, Merry Xmas, Love You! etc.

The gift voucher receiver can easily enter the voucher code and password key in the Universal Self Defence webstore checkout to pay for all or some of their order.

I have personally tested it out and it works great.
Just make sure you use the same date format as mentioned above or do not enter any date if you want the voucher sent without delay.
You can see on the checkout page if it has accepted the date format you gave entered.
If send date does not show just click edit cart and re-enter the date again using the right format 10 Oct 2021.
Make sure you have upper and lower case letters as shown.

Enjoy and have a great Xmas season!