Universal Self Defence and martial arts action photos, plus a few photos of some of the great looking cool products available from our online web store ...

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  • hot

    the young guy shaun wif the blonde hair is sooo hot. where do i sign up. u need more pics of him

    By: rachel cambridge on | Was this helpful?   (71/52)
    Staff Reply
    To sign up for classes or to make further class enquiry bookings or for more info just click on 'CLASSES' up in the top menu bar and choose nearest class.
  • I like

    Nice pictures!!

    By: Bill on | Was this helpful?   (78/51)
  • maitland usda

    Great to see Les still passing on his vast knowledge. I gained a junior black belt back in 1988 under the guidance of Les Kursys.
    Would love to see some old pics.
    Keep up the great work Les.

    By: brett perry on | Was this helpful?   (79/54)
  • That Girl

    The class pictures are good, but that girl with all the Morgan products is awesome ; )

    By: Greg Wright on | Was this helpful?   (72/52)
  • New Photos - Maitland

    The photos recently added for maitland are good.

    By: Chris Lane on | Was this helpful?   (69/54)
  • Nice new pics

    I like some of the new pics just added, especially the 'roll up & roll on' rolling sequence on the blue jigsaw mats.
    Looks like fun.

    By: kaner on | Was this helpful?   (72/49)
  • More martial arts photos

    It looks good, But I think even more photo's in the gallery would be good...

    By: darren on | Was this helpful?   (73/56)
    Staff Reply
    Thanks for being the first review darren. Will put more new photos in gallery as they become available. Didn't want to put in old photos or my nice new web site makeover may not look so new anymore. There are also plenty more photos throughout the site on pages you may not have seen yet. Just keep browsing.
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