Universal Self Defence and martial arts techniques are taken from various self defence courses conducted by Master Peter Burke and the Universal Self Defence Academy for men, women and children of different ages and skill levels and are taught under controlled conditions with strict supervision by experienced instructors.

WARNING: Please be aware that there are no self-defence or martial art techniques that will work for everyone in all situations. As we have no idea of your capabilities and what you may be up against we make no assertion that any information obtained from us is either safe for you to attempt or that it will even work for your benefit. We are happy to share our knowledge but only as general advise to be taken at your own risk as it may not apply to your circumstances and most likely you need to seek personalised instruction from an experienced self defence or martial arts instructor or preferably come along and enjoy one of our classes!

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Armed hold up, arms up
Attacker grabs around shoulders from behind
Attacker on top, holding arms
Bag Snatching Self Defence
Bear hug from behind
Bear hug from front defence
Being choked on the ground
Duck punch, apply neck and arm lock
Fighting with bigger opponents
Headlock release and arm bar
Hip throw against wrist grab
Knife Held to the Ribs
Practical alternatives to flying kicks
Sprawl and choke against tackle
Unwanted car lift
Using available objects against a weapon
Vulnerable areas to attack

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  • pratical martial arts

    Some very practical martial arts techniques.
    Keep up the good work Universal Self Defence!

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