Universal Self Defence tips are taken from various self-defence courses conducted by Master Peter Burke and the Universal Self-Defence Academy for men, women and children of different ages and skill levels and are taught under controlled conditions with strict supervision by experienced instructors.

Universal Self Defence is far more powerful when we as a community, care about each other, share knowledge and assist those more vulnerable than ourselves. If you find our Universal Self Defence tips useful then you could help a friend or family member by simply emailing our home page link, www.universalselfdefence.com.au

WARNING: Please be aware that there are no self-defence tips that will work for everyone in all situations. As we are not aware of your capabilities and what you may be up against we make no assertion that any information obtained from us is either safe for you to attempt or that it will even work for your benefit.
We are happy to share our knowledge but only as general advise to be taken at your own risk as it may not apply to your circumstances and most likely you need to seek personalised instruction from an experienced self defence or martial arts instructor or preferably come along and enjoy one of our classes!

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Top 10 Children's Personal Safety Tips
Build your Self-Esteem
Keep Healthy, Fit and Alert
Use your Body Language
Build a Safety Network
Be Prepared For All Possible Emergencies
When Someone Needs Assistance
Always Secure Your Home, Vehicle and Valuables
Don’t Reveal Personal Information
Never Allow a Stranger to Enter the House
If You Suspect an Intruder
Before You Go Anywhere
When Out and About.
Don’t Trust Strangers Who Stop You For Assistance
Accepting Lifts
Play Safe with your Car
Don't Carry an Offensive Weapon
Key Safety
Hold Ups and Robbery
If You Believe You Are Being Followed
If Someone’s Behaviour Makes You Feel Unsafe
If You Are Attacked

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  • Very Practical

    Some very practical self defence techniques without having to know martial arts, thanks Universal Self Defence!

    By: Steve on | Was this helpful?   (93/89)
    Staff Reply
    Thanks Steve, hope you never need our Universal Self Defence tips but its always good to know just encase you do. Best wishes and keep safe...
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