Keep your car properly serviced and maintained to avoid breakdowns. Ask your mechanic what tools and spare parts you should carry. Include a spray for wet ignitions, torch, pen and paper. Regularly check air pressure and condition of your tyres, including the spare.
Watch your fuel, temperature and any other warning lights or gauges. Stop at your nearest service station as soon as you detect any problems.
If your vehicle breaks down in an isolated area, you may have to ask for assistance at a nearby house or flag down someone passing by. Write down your surname, car registration No., make and model, exact location, road service phone No., and your membership No. Ask the person to make a call on your behalf and give them the written information.
Keep a safe distance. You can get back into your car, lock it and talk through a partly opened window. In these situations, CB radios, car-phones or mobile phones are invaluable.
Before getting into your car, check to see if anyone is hiding in the back seat. If you are in your car with someone who is threatening your safety, then look for an opportunity to escape or attract attention. You could trigger an alarm, sound your horn and stop in the middle of a busy area and throw the keys out the window.
If stopped by police in an unmarked car and not in uniform, ask to see their identification before leaving your locked car.