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All Weather Personal Safety Storm Whistles
5 out of 5 stars (2)
Code: PWS
Colour: Orange
Size: 7.5cm long x 4.5cm high x 2.2cm wide approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Storm safety whistles unique patented design best known as the loudest personal safety whistles in the world - 130 db.
* Safety Storm whistles are used by US military, police and law enforcement and security forces world wide when being heard can be a matter of life or death.
* All weather Storm safety whistles can be heard above noisy howling winds and other competing noises. Can also be heard as far as half a mile away.
* Easy to hold and use being an ergonomic fit to your hands and lips.
* Can be worn around your neck or attached to a jacket so the Storm whistle is ready for immediate use by using a lanyard or can be attached to your keys using the key ring.
* The all weather personal safety Storm whistle is also an essential personal safety self defence device.
* Storm whistles can be used very effectively as a personal alarm to ward off an attacker by blowing the extremely loud ear penetrating whistle &/or by gripping the storm whistle with keys attached so you can thrust keys into the eye area of an attacker giving you the opportunity to escape.
* Lanyards now available for additional $2 ea. Please choose add lanyard if required with product options and the additional $2 will be added to your order.

High volume Storm safety whistles emit the loudest alarm sound with minimum effort, even when breathing maybe difficult for someone who is exhausted and out of breath.

Patented water purging design works in heavy rain and also can be heard in excess of 50 feet when used underwater.

You can hear Storm personal safety whistles loud and clear camping, hiking, biking, fishing, boating, diving, bush walking, jogging, sporting events, officiating, refereeing or as an effective personal safety alert warning alarm deterrent.

All Weather Personal Safety Storm Whistle Dimensions: 7.5 cm long x 4.5 cm high x 2.2 cm wide approx.

Do not blow close to the ear as this whistle is extremely loud and should also not be used by children to avoid possible permanent damage to the ear.

5 out of 5 stars (2)
  • All Weather Personal Safety Storm Whistles Well suited & a significant saving

    The order arrive last week and the items will suit our application well.
    The Storm Whistles have been issued to our Fire/Emergency Wardens to assist in evacuations of our office.
    We had no difficulties navigating your website. Universal was chosen because your cost per item was $7 less than the other local distributor we found. A significant saving.

    By: David on | Was this helpful?   (28/28)
  • All Weather Personal Safety Storm Whistles amazingly loud

    This Storm whistle is amazingly loud with not much effort you can hear it from a very looong way away.
    A real life saver if you get lost &/or need to attract attention.

    By: Andrew on | Was this helpful?   (31/28)
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