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Good quality bladder pump needle.
* For use with all types of balls with inflatable bladders.
* Just attach to hand pump to inflate or deflate by unscrewing upper part of nozzle.
* Ideal for pumping up bladders in boxing balls, footballs, basketballs, netballs etc

This bladder pump needle is the missing link between your hand pump and your ball bladder.
Just screw the needle into your hand pump and you are ready to go.

This 2 way inflating/deflating pump needle is designed to be used with a standard hand help pump or a low-pressure air compressor, used to inflate sports balls, floor to ceiling and speedballs.

These needles are made in Taiwan and work as a 2 way inflating and deflating needle, which helps to also deflate the balls when not in use.

Masters Tips:
Before you inflate ball always moisten both the valve and the needle with silicone spray lubricant or glycerine oil.
Slowly insert needle in straight with rotary motion.
Inflate ball slowly until firm.
Do not over inflate above the recommended pressure.
Ball should always have a bit of give in it when pressed to maintain enough flexibility to absorb impact.
Remove needle with rotary motion.

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