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Top quality Morgan Aventus pre-curved leather bag mitt gloves are designed specifically for heavy bag and focus pad training.
* Made with a 1.1 mm Cowhide leather body, straps and wrist bars with a super flexible palm and wrist stabilising feature to provide unparalleled wrist and hand support with 6.5 cm secure Velcro wrist wrap.
* Machine pressed ventilation inserts on the palm area gives more breathability.
* Premium high density 3.5 cm knuckle padding and EVA inserts at the fingertips.
* Perfect fit and feel that allows a tight strong fist with plenty of support and protection.
* Great for all levels of experience and for personal or professional use.

Morgan Aventus Bag Gloves Size / Width around knuckles in cm:
S/15-18, M/17-21, L/20-24, XL/23-28.

The Morgan Aventus pre curved leather bag gloves are one of the best training gloves in Australia designed for heavy bag and focus pad training.
With an additional stabilising wrist bar feature and quad-core inner latex padding, it is clear to see that safety is the paramount feature with these unique bag mitt gloves.
Also the integrated machine pressed ventilated inserts feature makes these a very comfortable great all round bag mitts gloves.

Masters Tip:
Remember bag gloves are designed for punching the bag while boxing gloves are designed to be used for the best protection when sparring.
For added wrist support whilst punching use a good quality pair of hand wraps as is available here at Universal Self Defence.

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