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Colour: blue
Size: 33.5cm dia. wide x 5.5cm high approx.
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Top quality core balance air pad disk cushion.
* Improves flexibility strength, balance and core stability.
* Used for numerous exercise drills and core balance exercises whilst balancing foot, hand, knee or lower back.
* Also very comfortable and supportive to sit on and provides great circulation whilst the specially designed surface pattern massages and simulates blood flow.
* Easy to keep clean as this air cushion does not absorbs liquid so you can just wipe it over with a wet sponge.
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The Core Balance Stability Air Pad Cushion is a versatile training aid often used by coaches and therapist in rehabilitation and prevention of injury by improving mobility, stable balance, correct posture and flexibility strength.

Also the Core Balance Air Disk Stability Cushion can be used as a very comfortable cushion to sit on in your office or home and it can improve your lower body circulation, strength and mobility whilst you work.

The most versatile air cushion you will find as it can be used for fitness exercises, rehabilitation therapy and to massage for added comfort and improved circulation.

Air Pad Disk Dimensions:
Approx. 33.5 cm diameter wide x 5.5 cm high

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