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Colour: black
Size: 40cm long x 30cm wide x 8cm high approx.
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Top quality AbMat used with the ultimate CrossFit abdominal exercise workouts.
* Ab mats provide abdominal support mat by filling the space between your lumbar arch and the floor to support the spine so more of the abdominal region is activated and targeted during sit up exercises.
* Using the Ab Mat gives you a more complete movement allowing a greater of range of motion when doing sit ups and also takes away added sit up stress to the spine.
* The Ab Mat has a solid flat base with extra high density foam arch.
* The non absorbent cover is too easy to wipe clean.
* Brand logo may vary.

Once you start using your Ab mat you will never want to go back to working your Abdominal muscles without one.

Increasing your core strength whilst having the support of the AB Mat means less strain on your lower back so you can do your abdominal strength exercises much more often with less risk of muscle strain injury and enjoy better more targeted results.

Once you increase your core strength you become stronger all over and as a bonus you get to enjoy having nice looking Abs and a flat stomach.

Cross Fit Exercise Ab Mats Dimensions:
40 cm long x 30 cm wide x 8 cm high approx.

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