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Code: HOOK-2S
Colour: Steel
Size: 15cm wide x 20cm high
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Heavy duty Morgan deluxe model hanging rotational swivel, bracket, hanging hook and heavy duty spring.
* Extra strong hanging hook, mounting bracket and spring made from treated steel with heavy reinforced welding at major stress points.
* Ball bearing driven rotational hook reduces the reverse spin which improves punching bag stability and performance.
* Heavy duty spring reduces punching bag bounce and creates less stress on the punch bag straps, chains and hanging hook mount.
* Can hold very heavy weights up to 150 kg.
* Easily hangs up to approx. 6 foot or 100 kg punching bags.
* 2 x screws included.
* Ideal bracket hanging hook and spring for hanging all types of small to large punching bags and martial arts targets including floor to ceiling boxing balls.
* Perfect hanging hook and spring for mounting onto a load bearing timber beam or flat overhead strong steel weight bearing structure.

This Deluxe Rotational Swivel Hanging Hook and spring is not only a very proficient and practical way to hang up your punching bag, it is also one of the easiest and most economical high quality heavy duty punching bag hangers you will find.

If you do not like your punching bag to bounce up and down and the bag chain twisting back and forth too much whilst you are pounding away then this Deluxe Rotational Swivel Hanging Hook and spring will help you to reduce the annoying spin and bounce of the punching bag.

When mounting the Deluxe Rotational Swivel Hanging Hook and spring make sure you only use it when firmly bolted onto a structurally strong weight bearing beam.

Deluxe Rotational Swivel Hanging Hook Dimensions:
15 cm total width of bottom bracket plate
11.5 wide from bottom plate hole centre to hole centre
12 cm total length from bottom plate to end of hook
5 cm from bottom plate to top plate hook entry level

Heavy Duty Steel Spring Dimensions:
Total Length 10 cm x 4 cm Wide
Spring Coil Area is 4 cm x 4 cm

Total Hanging Hook with Spring Attached Dimensions:
15 cm wide x 20 cm high

Masters Tips:
Always consult with a qualified builder if you are ever in any doubt whether a ceiling or beam is structurally strong enough to hang any fixture.

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