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Colour: black
Size: Small to X-Large (small fitting sizes)
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Top quality Morgan Dragon dipped foam headgear with a clear face shield attached. test
* Great all round head protection with the thickest shock absorbing dipped foam available.
* The clear face Prospec grill shield is exceptionally tough but lightweight and is securely held onto the head guard offering outstanding protection for all of the face without compromising your vision.
* Excellent ventilation makes it easy to breath and keeps your head cool with multipoint large. ventilation holes in both the face mask shield and around and on top of the head guard so you have minimal perspiration and fogging up.
* The secure Velcro fastening strap at the back makes this head guard very easy to put on and take off and provides a more flexible fit.
* Very easy to wash and wipe and keep clean and odour free.
* Excellent all round head protection for light contact martial arts training and sparring and for controlled weapons training.
* Ideal martial arts head guard gear for both novice to advanced users, male or female.

Sizes are like hat sizes, measure around the widest area of your forehead.
Dipped Foam Head Guard Size / Your Forehead In CM:
Small/46-50, Medium/50-53, Large/53-56, Extra Large/56-61.
Note: This head guard is a smaller fit than your average boxing and kickboxing head guards.

This Dragon Dipped Foam Head Guard with Prospec clear grill offers a distinct advantage over the usual padded type head guards as the thick dipped foam keeps the head guard extremely lightweight whilst offering high impact absorbing qualities and the clear face guard maintains the users vision whilst providing great protection from superficial facial injuries.

Masters Tip:
You still need to wear a mouth guard when using a head guard so you do not get caught with a loose jaw and to prevent your teeth clashing together.

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