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Dragon Tri-Flex Cup Groin Guard Compression Shorts
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Code: GP-11
Colour: black
Size: X-Small to X-Large
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Top quality Dragon compression wear shorts comes with optional removable groin cup guard.
* Double layer compression material over thighs.
* New improved Tri-Flex groin cup with padded edges for superior strength and comfort fits neatly in special inside pocket for easy removal.
* The heavy duty inside mesh groin cup pocket has a secure Velcro closure.
* Industrial quality over locked seams in all the major stress areas.
* 5 cm wide flexible elastic band waist.
* Too easy compression wear shorts to put on inside martial arts shorts or other sports shorts and just as easy to take off and separate from groin guard for a quick wash and wear.
* Can also be worn as compression wear shorts only.
* Stitching colour and logo design may vary.

Dragon Tri-Flex Cup Groin Guard Waist Size / CM:
XS/55-70, S/65-80, M/75-90, L/85-105, XL/95-115.

The Dragon Tri-Flex Cup Groin Guard Compression Shorts are recommended for all sports where effective groin and muscle protection is required.
The Dragon fight wear compression shorts with tri flex cup is the ideal groin protector for elite athletes seeking the best combination of premium comfort and maximum protection.
A secure fit and Ultra Cup Retention System offers maximum comfort, a range of motion and keeps the cup in place during all athletic activities.
With a removable cup pouch, the shorts double up as high quality compression wear allowing any fighter to transition from fight mode into functional fitness mode.

Masters Tip:
When getting physical have no regrets by wearing a groin guard before you get hit whenever competing, demonstrating, grading, during rigourous training sessions or participating in any competitive sporting event.

5 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Dragon Tri-Flex Cup Groin Guard Compression Shorts Compression shorts

    Great product. Very comfortable and provides excellent support

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