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Dragon Tri-Flex Cup Groin Guard Compression Shorts
5 out of 5 stars (1)
Code: GP-11
Colour: black
Size: Mens X-Small to X-Large
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Top quality Dragon compression wear shorts comes with optional removable groin cup guard.
* Double layer compression material over thighs
* New improved Tri-Flex groin cup with padded edges for superior strength and comfort fits neatly in special inside pocket for easy removal
* The heavy duty inside mesh groin cup pocket has a secure Velcro closure
* Industrial quality over locked seams in all the major stress areas
* 5 cm wide flexible elastic band waist
* Too easy compression wear shorts to put on inside martial arts shorts or other sports shorts and just as easy to take off and separate from groin guard for a quick wash and wear
* Stitching colour and logo design may vary

Dragon Tri-Flex Cup Groin Guard Waist Size / CM:
XS/55-70, S/65-80, M/75-90, L/85-105, XL/95-115

The Dragon Tri-Flex Cup Groin Guard Compression Shorts are recommended for all sports where effective groin and muscle protection is required.

Can also be worn as compression wear shorts only.

Masters Tip:
When getting physical have no regrets by wearing a groin guard before you get hit whenever competing, demonstrating, grading, during rigourous training sessions or participating in any competitive sporting event.

5 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Dragon Tri-Flex Cup Groin Guard Compression Shorts Compression shorts

    Great product. Very comfortable and provides excellent support

    By: mark on | Was this helpful?   (41/27)
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