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Good quality economical power and speed resistor harness belt with shortened holding strap so more resistance can be applied.
* Develop strength, speed and endurance.
* Comfortable and durable, made from heavy duty nylon with padded shoulder straps.
* Just strap on shoulder harness and scramble away from your partner.
* Comes with adjustable clip on shoulder harness and approximately 44 cm nylon strap to hang on to.
* Harness the power you never thought you had and enjoy more effective and challenging power and endurance workouts with this power harness resistor belt.
* Logo branding design may vary.

This power speed resistor harness belt is great for explosive starts and unstoppable running power.

The power resistor harness is developed to maximise overall power for running and sprint training.

By having the harness held closely by the trainer, additional resistance can be applied.

The resistor can also be used with power bands and sling shot resistance bands.

A tight held handle and padded harness make this resistance trainer a great addition to any form of athletic training.

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