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Size: 285cm to 290cm total length
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Morgan elite level high quality cowhide leather skipping rope.
* Fast smooth heavy duty swivel design gives this leather skipping rope a quick reliable and consistent rotation which is more consistent with the timing of your wrist action.
* 90 degree perpendicular dynamic swivel design for no-traction jumps.
* Firm and comfortable and perfectly shaped wooden handles are a pleasure to use and to hold in the palm of your hands.
* High speed firm and durable leather rope makes a great whipping sound as it cuts through the air.
* Wooden handle and leather rope colour tone and brand logo design may vary.

These Morgan elite level leather skipping ropes are very popular used as a high performance and durable skipping rope with anyone who wants to improve their cardio fitness, footwork and timing including boxers, gymnasts and martial artists.

If you want to improve your speed, endurance and be super quick and light on your feet then this Elite Leather Skipping Ropes is for you!

Elite Skipping Rope Dimensions:
285 cm to 290 cm total length from end to end of the wooden handles.

Masters Tips:
Avoid skipping on hard surfaces in bare feet and always warm up first to avoid repetitive strain and impact injuries to bones, tendons, muscles and joints.
Put on your favourite music, try different footwork drills and skipping routines according to your fitness level and have some fun with your workout!

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