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Essential Muay Thai Shin & Instep Guards
5 out of 5 stars (2)
Code: PT19-S2
Colour: black & white
Size: Small to X-Large
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

High quality Smai Essential shin and instep Muay Thai Syntec leg guards (pair).
* Excellent functionality and protection for the whole lower leg area including the foot instep, shin and the sides of the lower legs.
* Two extra wide Velcro straps at the back of the legs and wide elastic bands under the feet and at the back of the heel ensure a secure and easily adjustable fit.
* Heavy duty high grade machine moulded shin and instep protection with thick high impact absorbing EVA fast memory foam right where you need it in all the high impact zones.
* This revised edition is designed to provide the best combination of protection and mobility so you can perform to your best ability without injuries.

Size / Shoe UK Mens Sizes:
Small / 4-5,
Medium / 6-7,
Large / 8-9,
X-Large / 10-12.

These Fight Gear Essential shin and instep leg guards provide ideal protection to avoid bruises when starting out with free style martial arts, kickboxing or MMA stand up sparring.

Great protection for all types of martial arts sparring that will not slow you down being a lightweight protector that takes the biggest of hits so you can sparr stronger for much longer!

If you are looking for a great pair shin instep protectors that is the best value for money for your favourtie style of martial art then you need to look no further.

Masters Tip:
When sparring against opponents that over block pull your kicks and hand strikes back faster for less bruises and better balance and try a quick fake then switch to the opening created by the over blocker.

5 out of 5 stars (2)
  • Essential Muay Thai Shin & Instep Guards Great product and service

    Super fast delivery and quality is excellent for the price.

    By: Jill Hall on | Was this helpful?   (3/1)
  • Essential Muay Thai Shin & Instep Guards great protection

    great shin and instep protection for legs, light and easy to put on and can really take a pounding.

    By: peter on | Was this helpful?   (55/52)
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