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High quality figure 8 shape Multiflex resistance power band with handles.
* Multipurpose resistance band exercise device.
* Easy to use comfortable handles to hold onto or you can fit on your foot or over your lower legs.
* Great for strengthening the whole upper body, arms, shoulders, chest and back and can be used to strengthen your lower legs and thighs.
* Achieve muscle definition without the bulk.
* A user friendly resistance tool for overall body conditioning without putting unnecessary stress on the joints.
* Very compact and portable.
* Great to use just about anywhere!

The Multiflex Figure 8 Power Resistance Band can be as powerful as using weights for strengthening all your various muscle groups.

This resistance band exercise tool is a great overall body conditioner as it can be used on both your arms and legs.

Ideal for doing regular exercise routines at home or while travelling.

Masters Tips:
It is highly recommended if you are not familiar with this type of device that you consult a qualified personal trainer for the correct application and for the best exercises designed specifically for your needs.

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