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Code: ACT-250S10
Size: 1.80 metres high
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Set of 10 x 1.8 metre high quality fitness activity agility poles with carry bag.
* High grade spring system with thick rubber protective cover on bottom bends spike and then snaps pole back into place.
* Ideal for agility and endurance fitness training.
* Brilliant for footwork skills and eye co-ordination.
* Great element to any obstacle course.
* Comes with purpose built agility pole carry bag with shoulder strap and carry handles.
* Bright fluorescent colours may vary.

This Fitness Activity Agility Poles Set of 10 Plus Carry Bag are perfect for both Junior and Adult fitness training groups.

Great footwork and agility for all sports, clubs and school activities.

Masters Tips:
Always do a proper warm up before your fitness agility training.

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