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Fitness Training Ladders 4m
4 out of 5 stars (2)
Code: ACT-1300RF
Size: 4 metres
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

High quality Morgan Speed and agility fitness training ladder (single unit) approx. 4 metre long with durable PVC runners.
* Choose either round tube fixed runners or flat adjustable runners.
* Round runners are mostly used outdoors on the grass and flat runners indoors.
* Ideal for agility and endurance fitness training
* Brilliant for eye co-ordination and lightning fast footwork skills.
* Run, skip, hop, jump, knee ups, inside outside stepping, front, sideways, 360 degrees turn, endless fun and possible combinations.
* Great element to any obstacle course.
* Ladder colours vary.

Suitable for most surfaces and conditions.

These 4 metre Morgan fitness training ladders are great for all sports, clubs and school activities.

Masters Tips:

Discover endless stepping variations by first starting your group with a few running and skipping steps then ask them to mix it up and do a different type of stepping each time.
To increase focus and concentration with kids, have 10 push-ups penalty every time you bumble, stumble or kick the ladder.

4 out of 5 stars (2)
  • Fitness Training Ladders 4m Ladder

    Yes, kids do love any excuse to hop, skip and jump.

    Most importantly fitness ladders and other devices adds variety to training activities.

    By: master peter on | Was this helpful?   (58/50)
  • Fitness Training Ladders 4m Fitness Ladder

    Kids love this type of fitness activity.

    By: kaner on | Was this helpful?   (57/48)
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