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Floor To Ceiling Boxing Ball Bracket Anchor
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Code: B201F
Size: 25cm long x 3cm wide x 0.5 cm thick plate
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Top quality heavy duty bracket anchor for attaching boxing balls to the floor &/or ceiling.
* Can also be used as an anchor bracket for tying down punching bags with bottom loop straps to the floor or to the wall for angled striking.
* Strong thick steel plate bracket with D-Ring.
* Easy to fasten boxing ball belt straps onto.
* The swivel latch encourages the correct action when striking floor to ceiling boxing ball.
* Ideal for hanging all size floor to ceiling boxing balls or for tying down punch bags that have a bottom loop strap.

This Floor To Ceiling Boxing Ball Bracket Anchor with its swivel latch action is the best way to tie down your boxing balls to both the floor and to the ceiling so you get the perfect rebound action with your boxing ball once you adjust the tension of your floor to ceiling straps.

Floor To Ceiling Boxing Ball Bracket Anchor Dimensions:
25 cm long x 3 cm wide x 0.5 cm thick plate with 5 cm long x 6 cm wide x 1 cm thick steel latch approx.

Masters Tips:
Always consult with a qualified builder if you are ever in any doubt whether a wall or ceiling is structurally sound enough to take any fixture or mounted device even though a floor to ceiling boxing ball has very little weight as someone maybe dumb enough to grab and pull on it.

5 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Floor To Ceiling Boxing Ball Bracket Anchor Strong anchor bracket

    These are a very strong anchor bracket and well worth the price to make sure you have the best boxing ball rebound action.

    By: Paul on | Was this helpful?   (28/28)
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