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Morgan Flexi Rebound Free Stand Numbers Punch Bag
5 out of 5 stars (2)
Code: PB-26-BLA
Colour: Black with numbers
Size: 6 foot total height x 35cm wide approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Top quality flexible 6 ft Morgan free standing rebound punching bag with numbers that bends and rebounds when you hit it.
* PVC foam, steel frame rubber shaft support with pressurised bag stem for optimal rebound performance action.
* Covered spring loaded area at the base of the shaft allows more realistic punching bag movement so when you hit the bag it bends backwards and rebounds quickly back into position which is great for developing good timing with your striking technique.
* Fill base with water or most recommended dry clean sand for maximum stability.
* Approx. 6 foot total height including base, removable bottom cover and bag x 35 cm wide bag.
* Ideal for fast and light target numbered combination drills.
* Excellent training aid to improve speed, timing and accuracy with rebound action designed for more realistic light weight free sparring punching and kicking.

This Free Standing Punching Bag With Numbers is a great free standing punching bag for developing speed, accuracy, timing and endurance.

Also perfect for honing your 360 degrees sparring speed striking combinations.

The base is most stable when filled with sand but may move with excessive force or if you push with your strikes.

Ideal free standing punch bag for supervised personal training use only.

The free stand bag is not recommended for heavy commercial use.

Also not suitable for full power striking, flying kicks or hitting with batons or any hard or sharp object.

This not a full contact slam bag or designed for hard hitting full contact martial artists.

This free stand bag is only designed for light weight sparring with the use of protective padded gloves.

No jewellery or weaponry should be used on this free stand punch bag as it may cause severe wear and possible serration of the product.

Any misuse of product is not covered by warranty.

Made in Taiwan with good quality control.

We recommend filling the base with dry builders sand which you get from garden or building supplies.
Position the base where you want it before filling with sand as the base is very heavy once filled.
Its very important to put the bottom padded cover on properly before you use this bag as it affects the movement and functioning of the bag and the durability of the pressurised bag stem.
Please take great care when lifting or relocating free standing punching bags.
If you need to move the free stand bag when the base is filled it must be done with 2 or 3 people.
Do not tilt or roll the base when filled to avoid damaging it.
If you have difficulty carrying the filled base with two people you may try to carefully manoeuvre a rug or tough blanket under the base so you maybe able to slide the base across the floor surface by pulling the rug.

Masters Tips:
Always use good quality bag mitts or boxing gloves to reduce impact.
If you only focus on power you may have poor balance, accuracy, defence, footwork, timing, speed and endurance.
Real power comes when you are relaxed and focused only on correct technique.

5 out of 5 stars (2)
  • Morgan Flexi Rebound Free Stand Numbers Punch Bag Free Standing Punching Bags With Numbers

    I have recently purchased this product and bag mitts. I am very satisfied with the professional and efficient service provided with the delivery of the products. The products arrived quickly, the coordination of their delivery was efficient and effective, and the products arrived in a very timely period given I live remotely. Would recommend this company from my experience. Thank you.

    By: Mary-Anne Uren on | Was this helpful?   (42/27)
  • Morgan Flexi Rebound Free Stand Numbers Punch Bag Service and delivery

    I am extremely impressed with the prompt reply to my e-mails and to the prompt delivery of my goods. I was shocked to see the truck out my door around 24 hours after I placed the order. Well done!

    By: Andrea White on | Was this helpful?   (46/33)
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