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Code: CF-14-41
Colour: black or wooden
Size: 24cm to 28cm dia. approx.
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

High quality fitness training gym rings - (Pair).
* Available in the standard black colour rings or competition grade wooden rings for an additional cost.
* The wooden gyms rings hold the chalk much better than the standard black ones and the competition grade wooden gym rings are larger and have a much higher maximum weight capacity rating up to 250 kg.
* CrossFit fitness training gym rings with heavy duty webbing and metal buckle.
* Adjustable straps to approximately 280-290 cm maximum hanging length.
* 24 cm diameter rings approx. or 28 cm competition grade.
* Gym rings are an ideal fitness tool for most sports where upper body core strength, endurance and flexibility are needed.

The Gymnastics Rings Fitness Gym Rings use to be mainly associated with gymnastics training and competition.

Now the gym rings have become extremely popular with personal trainers and often used in functional fitness and core strength fitness training programs such as with CrossFit in both training and competition.

The fitness gym rings are not just for elite athletes as they can be easily adapted to the basic beginner level so they can be used for personal fitness training with the guidance and supervision of a qualified fitness instructor.

When using the fitness gym rings the results in improving muscular strength, flexibility and endurance is nothing short of astounding as the gym rings forces you to use your stabilising strength to balance your movements in every direction which achieves the ultimate in functional fitness core strength and endurance.

Masters Tip:
Always make sure you feed the gym rings strap thru the buckle the correct way so the buckle teeth grab down to lock the straps in.
See buckle fastening product image.

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