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Colour: Black/Slate Grey
Size: 16oz
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Tokushu Series 16 oz Hayabusa boxing gloves are the best quality fightwear boxing gloves designed exclusively for MMA sparring supremacy.
* Proven by science combat performance and university tested for superior cutting edge results
* Premium high performance Vylar engineered leather construction for ultimate durability
* Unique Ecta Activated carbonized bamboo lining provides the ultimate quality and comfort as only Hayabusa can do
* Ergonomically designed for all MMA training and sparring
* High resilience Deltra EG inner core scientifically proven to have the highest level of glove impact protection and most important performance characteristics

The Hayabusa Tokushu Series boxing gloves have the most sophisticated patented Dual-X wrist closure and Fusion Splinting designs ensure perfect hand/wrist alignment, maximising striking power and added injury prevention whilst providing a superior fit and the ultimate support.

Hayabusa boxing gloves are perfect for the most experienced elite athletes and for those who take their MMA training and sparring seriously and trust Hayabusa to take their workouts to the next level.

Hayabusa, the only MMA combat performance equipment proven by science with University tested results showing the new Tokushu Series to be the best available MMA fight gear available.

Masters Tip:
To help preserve the inside of your Hayabusa boxing gloves wear our cotton inner gloves or hand wraps for added wrist support.

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