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Colour: black
Size: X-Small to X-Large
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Top quality tournament style karate kicking foot protector boots (pair).
* High grade carbon fibre PU finish and EVA PE sponge foam for maximum protection and lightweight comfortable fit.
* Wide heavy duty adjustable elastic stretch straps with strong secure Velcro closure.
* Thick shock absorbing padding covers all over the top of your foot and around the ankle and heel protecting the entire top of your foot and ankle.

Karate Boots Size / Shoe Mens Sizes:
X-Small / 3-5, Small / 6-7, Medium / 8-9, Large / 10-11, X-Large / 12-14.

The Karate Boots Tournament Deluxe are the ideal foot protector for continual gym sparring and freestyle Taekwondo and karate style martial arts tournaments.

The new carbon fibre shock absorbing material makes these kicking boots extra light so they do not slow your foot speed down and at the same provide the best foot protection available for general martial arts free sparring.

If you like to hit hard with your foot and want the best foot protection available then these easy to put on and take off Karate style sparring boots are for you!

Karate Boots Adult sizing Small to X-Large
Foot Padding Length from back of heel to end of toes:
Small 22 cm, Medium 25 cm, Large 27 cm, XL 29 cm.

Masters Tips:
Pull back kicks more for better balance and less bruises against opponents who over block.
Try a quick fake and switch to the opening created by the over blocker.
When competing always apply tape to keep in place any Velcro strapping on all sparring gear.

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