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Colour: Red/Blue or Black/Grey
Size: 1m x 1m x 3cm approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only
Min order quantity: 20

Top quality interlocking jigsaw or puzzle mats 2 sided colour 3 cm thick x 1 metre square.
* Please order minimum of 20 mats or more.
* These Jigsaw mats are fully reversible 2 sided colour so you can turn just one mat over without having to turn over the whole matted area.
* Non-abrasive, non-slip Tatami mat pattern style finish has right amount of grip and does not slow down your movements.
* Free straight edging pieces included.
* 100% EVA foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) 50-55 degrees Shore A density most suitable for high impact martial arts.
* Tested to meet and surpass all European safety standards.
* Excellent for stand-up sparring, takedowns, ground grappling techniques, wrestling and mixed martial arts.
* Great for reducing impact with all types of training and exercise activities.
* Ideal 3 cm thick jigsaw mats for making varied colour patterns, borders, centre piece, competitors starting position etc.
* Always quick and easy to set-up with jigsaw interlocking mats.
* Top quality control made in Taiwan and laboratory tested to meet the highest standards.

NOTE: To add to your existing mats contact us first via Enquire now grey tab or Contact us page with your required description of jigsaw interlocking edges.

FITTING: This mat is fully reversible, meaning that if you wish to flip a mat over you do not need to flip the entire matted area over as well.
1.3M CRITICAL FALL HEIGHT: This mat is ideal for all types of groundwork and also for areas in which safety is required, including childcare centres, and has been tested to a critical fall height of 1.3m and to all European and American standards. This mat is used by PCYC throughout Australia and for Judo along with the Australian customs service training facilities.
MAINTENANCE: If you wish to clean mats prior to use, we recommend you use warm water and a damp mop/cloth using a PH neutral disinfectant.
There is a protective coating used for transportation and storage purposes on our EVA mats. This will not affect the quality of the mats, rather prevent any issues during the time period it is held. This will dissipate over time however, we recommend if you wish to clean mats prior to use, to please use warm water and a damp mop/cloth using a PH neutral disinfectant.
Weight: 2.8kg Size: 1m x 1m Density: 110kg/m3.
Composition: EVA (Closed Cell Foam).
Fitting: Reversible Edges: 3 pieces per mat included.
Finish: Tatami Finish Density: 50 degrees Shore A.
Country of Origin: Taiwan.
Packaged carton size: fits 10 pieces per carton at 105cm x 105cm x 32cm (30kg).

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