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Martial Arts Karate Gi Pants - 8oz
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Code: KU-15
Colour: black or white
Size: 00/115-125cm to 7/195-205
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

High quality Dragon and Smai lightweight karate style martial arts pants.
* Choose black or white colour Karate pants.
* Elastic waist with draw string pants provides the most comfortable and flexible waist size fit.
* Easy to wash and no need to iron.
* Made from 8 oz polyester/cotton drill material.
* Can be used for most martial arts, universal self defence and/or casual wear.
* Ideal for kids, beginners and adults users.
* Brand logo label may vary.

Karate Uniform Pants Size/Your Full Height Range in cm for average medium build person:
000/105-115, 00/115-125, 0/125-135, 1/135-145, 2/145-155, 3/155-165, 4/165-175, 5/175-185, 6/185-195, 7/195-205.

Look no further, these are the most comfortable, best value, good quality lightweight karate style martial arts pants you can find.

Masters Tips:
Karate pants Size/Height ranges are for the average medium build persons full height wearing the karate pants up high with the elastic/draw string waist band going around the waist.
Wearing your karate pants too low around your hips stops the effectiveness of the specially designed karate pants crutch gusset that allows you to have an unrestricted high kicking action.
If you do wear your karate pants waist band around your hips you will need a smaller size.
You may also choose a smaller or bigger size karate pants if you have relatively short or long legs.

5 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Martial Arts Karate Gi Pants - 8oz Great Karate Pants

    These are great karate pants not just for martial arts as they are light and comfortable to wear and well made for any type of workout or activity when you need to able to move freely without long pants restricting your legs.

    By: Tom on | Was this helpful?   (94/93)
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