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Code: CP-1M
Colour: red, blue, black, yellow, white, or pink
Size: 45cm H x 10cm W
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Free standing set of 4 Morgan Mini corner pad foam markers with carry handle.
* Ideal Mini size corner pads field markers for kids football and for circuit training fitness activities.
* 45 cm high x 10 cm wide free standing foam markers with weighted wet sand or gravel base pocket.
* These Morgan mini free standing foam marker pads with carry handle are extremely portable and can be used as very convenient foam marker for any indoor or outdoor sports fitness training activity as you do not have to dig a spike into the ground.
* High density impact absorbing foam covered in heavy duty rip stop vinyl material makes these Mini free standing marker pads extra tough and durable.
* Ideal size for marking out kids Rugby League or Rugby Union football field corners.
* These sand or gravel based free standing mini marker pads are sent without sand or gravel for easy shipping as it is easy to fill the special bottom pocket with wet sand or fine gravel before use, as per instructions below.
* Ideal mini size corner pads for putting your club or sponsors promotional vinyl stickers on.

Note: Please allow 3-4 weeks for made to order mini free standing corner pad markers to be made up.

These Mini free standing corner pad markers are by far the most convenient field markers available and with a heavy sand base they are quite stable and easy to place on any flat surface position and just as easy to stand up again when knocked over with no spike to insert into the ground to worry about.

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS for filling the Mini free standing corner pad markers bottom base pocket:
First fill a strong plastic bag with the heaviest builders wet sand &/or fine gravel available from building or gardening suppliers and seal the plastic bag to avoid leakage.
Using an inner sealed plastic bag will stop sand or gravel from jamming the bottom pocket zipper.
Do not use any type of light sand or beach sand.
Insert the sealed plastic bag full of wet sand or gravel filling as much as possible the bottom pocket area of the corner pads.
Also try to make the base bottom as flat as possible and place marker pads on flat level ground surfaces for maximum stability.

Mini Free Standing Corner Pad Markers Dimensions:
Approx. 45 cm high x 10 cm x 10 cm wide.

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