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Code: PB-38
Colour: black
Size: 1.2m (4ft) long x 35cm wide x 30kg approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Choose a Empty or Filled top quality Morgan 2-in-1 torso shape MMA Bag.
* Most versatile dual purpose MMA bag ever made.
* Doubles as either a very practical human torso shape hanging punching bag or use as a throwing and grappling dummy bag with the special tuck away belt buckle pockets on the top.
* Great all purpose bag for punching, kicking and practising lifting, carrying, throwing, tackling, striking, ground fighting and position transitions
* Can also stand upright without being held.
* Top quality 900D vinyl cover and packed in Australia with premium cotton and fleece material.
* 4 Nylon hanging straps tuck securely into individual D-ring pockets on top of bag with the aid of hook-and-loop attachments.
* Also includes chain and swivel for hanging bag.
* Please allow on average one week for Australian hand filled to order Morgan MMA torso shape bag.
* FILLED Morgan MMA Torso Shape bags must be delivered to a BUSINESS PREMISES address or can be picked up from Oak Flats NSW warehouse.

Unique lifelike human torso hour glass shape body target so you can now take your MMA training to a whole new level with grappling and striking realistically from top to bottom at all the most important angles for uppercuts, hooks, knees, elbows etc.

When not hanging bag just secure straps into individual D-ring pockets on top of bag and its ready to tackle all your throwing, takedowns and ground fighting MMA training.

Ideal for security services training, wrestling, combat sports, mixed martial arts UFC style training. Also endurance fitness training, boot camp, cross fit etc.

Designed for grappling and throwing use only on impact absorbing mats. Not designed for use on hard concrete or rough coarse floor surfaces.

Morgan MMA Torso Shape Bag Dimensions:
1.2 metres (4ft) long x 35 cm wide x 30 kg approx.

Save with unfilled empty MMA bag option and more economical delivery cost.

Easy filling with cut or torn up rags, old clothes, towels, sheets, pillows etc.

Masters Tips:
To add filling to MMA bag just tear up old clothes, sheets, pillows etc.
Never fill MMA bag with sand as it will be too hard and heavy for both you and the MMA bag.
Always use well padded gloves and hand wraps to reduce impact on hands and joints.
If you focus only on power you may develop poor balance, accuracy, defence, footwork, timing, speed and endurance.
Real power comes when you are more relaxed and focused on correct technique.

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