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Best value Morgan Classic bag mitt gloves.
* Made extra durable with heavy duty Super Nylex synthetic leather Super Flex material.
* Technologically advanced tapered cut and design and purpose built fitness boxing bag gloves offers great hand protection and support whilst punching all types punching bag and focus pad targets.
* Also perfect bag gloves for punching kick pads and strike shields.
* Excellent gloves for absorbing impact with 2.5 cm fast memory medium density inner padding and additional EVA foam inserts at the fingertips.
* Easy on/Easy off with 5 cm 2 inch secure and supportive Velcro wrist strap closure and V-split palm opening to easily fit over hand wraps.
* Added fist support grip bar also helps to give you a much firmer fist so at the critical moment of impact your fist does not easily collapse.
* Ideal bag mitt gloves for group fitness classes or for personal use.

Morgan Classic Bag Mitts Size / Width around knuckles in cm:
XS/13-16, S/15-18, M/17-21, L/20-24, XL/23-27.

The Morgan Classic curved bag mitts are the ideal bag gloves for beginners and experienced martial artists and for boxing fitness training punching bags, focus pads, focus mitts and boxing balls etc.

If you are after the most popular best value bag mitt gloves that have a similar feel, fit and support as boxing gloves but are much lighter and easier to use then you need look no further than these Morgan Classic curved bag mitt bag gloves.

Masters Tip:
For extra wrist and hand support during long hard punching bag workouts, in addition to wearing bag gloves, also wrap up your wrists and hands using a good quality pair of our hand wraps also available here at Universal Self Defence.

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