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Code: CP-2-SPIKE
Colour: white
Size: 135cm x 3cm (approx. 120cm above ground)
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Set of 4 top quality Morgan corner posts with a spring loaded spike system.
* Ideal corner posts for Rugby League or Rugby Union football.
* Designed specifically with easy of use and safety in mind.
* Simply insert spring loaded post spike firmly into the ground and then insert the post up into your protective corner post foam padding.
* Features a heavy duty 30 mm PVC pipe with rubber encased 9 cm long spring offering the best combination of spring loaded flexibility and player safety.
* The post extends 120 cm above the ground and measures 135 cm full length with the spring loaded spike system so you can easily fit a 130 cm post pad over the post.
* The 19 cm plastic spike sleeve inserts directly into the ground and the foam corner post pads go straight over the top of the post pole.
* Also comes with a very handy shoulder carry bag.

This set of 4 Morgan corner posts with the fitted spring and spike provides excellent protection for football players against injury with the flexible spring loaded action when covered with protective impact absorbing foam padding as it reduces most of the impact of the corner posts.

Corner posts covered with soft post pad protectors are the safest and best way to mark the corners of your football field.

Morgan Corner Posts Dimensions: 135 cm full length with 120 cm above the ground x 3 cm wide pipe.

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