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Top quality Morgan Elite H-Harness will fit any brand sled.
* Comfortable padded shoulders.
* Extra wide lock in the buckle.
* Extended pull strap.
* Industrial Carabiner clips.
* Comes with overly large hardware and buckles for security and peace of mind.
* Strong and heavy duty enough to pull a car.
* Easy to use and gets the job done without fuss or fanfare.
* Simple to take on and off and designed to be used with the power sled, dog sled, speed sled and agility bands.

The Morgan Elite H Sled Harness is designed for serious weight loading through your sled, with all of the necessary features of a world class product.
The ultra wide chest/back/waist straps give perfect comfort across the body and create a stable product that will not let you down.
This harness is the go to product for those heavy drags and all out war against your sled.
If you want a gut busting workout and an effective way to improve general physical preparedness then grab a sled, attach the harness and give it everything you have!

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