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Colour: black
Size: Medium, Large or X-Large
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The Morgan Elite groin protector guard will never let you down as it has the strongest groin guard reinforcement ever made with a super tough heavy duty steel inner cup protector.
* Unbreakable inner steel groin guard specifically designed for full contact martial arts.
* Wide elastic waist with Velcro double overlap closure and leg bands holds the groin protector firmly in place so it stays right where you want it to be.
* Comfortable curved tuck up mould with a rubber cover over the entire inner steel cup area and thick padded edging so the steel cup does not push into you when hit with force.
* Can be worn inside or outside of pants and very easy to slip on and take off and to hand wash after use.

Morgan Elite Steel Groin Guard Size / Waist in CM:
M/70-80, L/80-95, XL/90-110.

The Morgan Elite Steel Groin Guard Protector is highly recommended as the most suitable heavy duty groin guard for kickboxing, grappling, MMA and for any sport or activity where someone needs serious groin guard protection.

The Velcro closure at the back and the elasticated waist band and rear straps provide a very flexible fit.

Masters Tip:
Better safe than sorry. Think about wearing groin guard before you get hit when competing, demonstrating, grading, during rigourous training sessions or participating in any sporting event.

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