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Code: KP-20-GEL
Size: 36cm x 19cm x 7cm x 1kg per pad approx.
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Best quality heavy duty leather Morgan Endurance curved Thai pads (Pair) with added Gel injected silicone sheet inserted into the entire length of the pads to maximise overall shock absorption.
* Designed for durability, strength and endurance training with extra strong construction and made with 100 percent long lasting cowhide leather.
* Shock absorbing high density impact resistant EVA filled with multilayer padding and foam backing for minimal jarring.
* Featuring a Gel injected silicon shock absorbing inner sheet front target area which dampens impact jarring for both the holder and the striker.
* Extra light and comfortable to hold and easy to put on and take off with solid grip handles and strong and secure thick Velcro straps with removable padded inserts which hold and support the forearm and wrist.

These Morgan Endurance Gel Leather Curved Thai pads are the perfect kick pads for instructors and personal trainers and those who want only the best for their hard gym workouts and long training sessions.

These Thai kick pads are highly recommended for kick boxing, mixed martial arts and for anyone who would love to let their kicks fly into one of the most technologically advanced kick pads made available.

If you enjoy using high quality well made kick boxing gear and do not want to compromise on durability and performance then the Morgan Endurance Gel leather curved Thai pads are definitely the best kick pads for you!

Morgan Endurance Gel Leather Curved Thai Pads Dimensions:
36 cm x 19 cm x 7 cm x 1 kg approx. per pad.
Gel target area: 5 cm x 8.5 cm x 0.5 cm approx.

Masters Tips:
Do not hold the gel enforced kick pads near your face, head or other vulnerable areas to encase the kick pads fly back or your partner miss hits.
With strong hitters just hold kick pad with both hands.

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