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Code: D-6-RACK
Size: 67cm long x 8cm high x 22cm deep approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Top quality Morgan exercise mats storage wall rack.
* Innovative exercise mat storage solution that will allow you to store your workout mats off the floor.
* Laser cut design using high quality sheet steel.
* Store up to and including 10 x exercise mats per rack.
* The two holders are adjustable in width to allow you to store various exercise mat brands depending on the spacing of the eyelets located on the exercise mats.

The Morgan exercise mats storage rack is an ideal storage solution for your gym and exercise area and will save floor space and will help keep your gym more tidy and well organised.

Exercise Mats Storage Rack Dimensions:
67 cm long x 8 cm high x 22 cm deep approx.

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