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Colour: black, red or pink
Size: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz or 16oz gloves
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Top quality Morgan boxing pack combination boxing gloves, boxing pads and hand wraps designed for Boxout fitness training, boxing and kickboxing gyms and personal fitness training.
* Includes high quality Super Nylex synthetic leather boxing gloves, cotton hand wraps and high density ergonomically engineered curved focus pads.
* Excellent start-up kit for boxing fitness training at home or in the gym.
* Great gift idea.
* Choose focus pads, boxing gloves and hand wrap in various colours, black, red or pink.
* Morgan logo and colour design may vary.

This boxing pack from Universal Self Defence which includes focus pads, boxing gloves and hand wraps is recommended for Boxout fitness training workouts by Patrick Moore.

This is one of the best value boxing fitness packs you will find. It is ideal for general boxing fitness workouts and is most convenient shopping when buying good quality Morgan boxing gloves, focus mitt pads and hand wraps all with the one purchase.

For someone starting out with boxing fitness training the Morgan Focus Pads, Boxing Gloves & Wraps Pack makes for the perfect gift.

Punching focus pad mitts has become a very popular fitness exercise for endurance and stamina training and it is also a great way to burn calories and an excellent cardio workout as punching non stop really opens up the lungs and airways and when combined with other fitness training exercise can really push you to your limits.

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