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Colour: white or black
Size: Small to X-Large
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High quality Morgan forearm pad protector guards (pair).
* Impact absorbing curved foam padded inserts covered with elasticised cotton material for best most comfortable fit.
* Too easy to slip on and very quick to take off just pulls on and off like a pair of socks.
* Ideal for beginners and those who bruise easily and to help protect against existing bruises and other injuries.
* Ideal for martial arts sparring and weapons training.

Say good bye to annoying bruise from blocking or getting hit in the forearms.

Train for longer and more often with less injuries, and train and free spar harder and smarter.

Designed to effectively reduce impact but as with all protective padding it cannot completely stop injury.

Masters Tip:
When training and sparring do not throw your arms out against your opponent's kicks.
Shins are bigger and harder than forearms so when the kick collides you are usually worse off unless you learn to move with and ride the blows on your arms.
This is extremely important against a bigger opponent.
Correct defensive techniques are the best defence against bruising.

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