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Code: PB-11A
Colour: all pink or pink/black
Size: 100cm or 120cm high
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Choose Empty or Filled 100 cm or 120 cm high top quality pink Morgan punching bags.
* Foam lined and rag filled provides you with the best possible soft but firm feel punching bag plus having an inner foam lining also helps the punching bag to maintain its shape.
* By far the most popular girls punching bag sizes and colours.
* Best quality rip stop vinyl heavy duty material punching bag cover.
* 4 extra strong webbing hanging straps, steel D-rings and tie down base loop for extra stability.
IMPORTANT: You must use an elasticised rubber strap when you use the punch bag tie down bottom loop or the swinging force will eventually tear the bottom straps off.
* Ideal punching bags for the gym or for personal use at home.
* Please allow on average one week for Australian hand filled to order Morgan Girls Pink punching bags.
* FILLED Morgan punching bags must be delivered to a BUSINESS PREMISES address or can be picked up from Oak Flats NSW warehouse.
* Save with unfilled empty punching bag option and more economical delivery cost to a residential or business address.
* Strong zip top opening for easy filling with cut or torn up rags.

Punching Bag Sizes & Colours:
All Pink colour 100 cm x 31 cm x 19-22 kg approx. when filled.
100 cm Morgan punching bag is good for 45-70 kg girls and lightweight women or for those who want a light to medium weight economical punching bag to practise speed, accuracy and endurance.

2-Tone Pink/Black colour 120 cm (4ft) x 35 cm x 35-40 kg approx. when filled.
4 foot Morgan punching bag is good for all size teenage girls and women that like to box and kick box to improve their power, speed, accuracy and endurance.

Pink Morgan punching bags are proudly Australian made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks.

Masters Tips:
Just tear up old clothes, sheets, pillows etc. to fill.
Always use good quality bag mitts and hand wraps to reduce impact on hands and joints.
If you only focus on power you may have poor balance, accuracy, defence, footwork, timing, speed and endurance.
Real power comes when you are relaxed and focused only on correct technique.

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