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Colour: white or black
Size: X-Small to Large
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Good quality Morgan karate style hand protector padding (pair).
* Impact absorbing foam padded over the knuckles and the back of the hand area.
* Elasticised cotton for best fit and added wrist and hand support.
* Traditional firm flat style slip on elasticised hand support with open fingers and thumb so your hands can basically be used as you normally do without restriction.
* 1.5 cm thick pad bends easily when making a fist and protects knuckles and back of hand.
* Easy to slip on, and quick to take off and easy to give a quick hand wash whenever needed.
* NAS approved.
* Brand logo design may vary.

Glove Size / Width around knuckles in cm:
XS/14-17, S/16-19, M/18-21, L/20-24.

These versatile Morgan hand protector pads can be used for light to medium punching on targets and non contact sparring or can be worn inside boxing gloves when extra padding and support is needed.

Traditionally these hand protector pads were mostly used with non contact karate and martial arts tournaments and are still used for major non contact martial arts tournaments like the National All Styles Competition.

These hand pads are not suitable for contact sparring or for heavy bag work but they are great for light fast punching on focus pads and for non contact sparring.

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