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Colour: orange, green, blue, black
Size: 4 x 31.5 cm x 5.5 cm
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

High quality Morgan SET OF 4 micro knitted glute resistance bands.
* More resistant to tearing and virtually unbreakable when correct size is used.
* Longer lasting than current rubber bands.
* Does not roll up and is washable.
* Four different levels of resistance to suit four strength levels from Light, Medium, Heavy & X-Heavy.

Set of 4 Dimensions & Resistance ratings:
Light: 31.5cm x 5.5cm up to 45kg resistance.
Medium: 31.5cm x 5.5cm up to 55kg resistance.
Heavy: 31.5cm x 5.5cm up to 65kg resistance.
X-Heavy: 31.5cm x 5.5cm up to 75kg resistance.

NOTE: Micro Knitted Bands are only made to be stretched 2.5 times their resting length. Any further stretch may cause the bands to deteriorate at a faster rate. If you are able to stretch a Micro Band Pro past 2.5 times resting length it means you are ready to move up in resistance, please select a heavier band.

The Morgan Micro knitted resistance bands set of 4 consists of all 4 resistance bands (Light, Medium, Heavy & X-Heavy), supplied in a nylon string bag for easy storage and portability.
Our Knitted resistance bands are made of woven fabric & rubber, ensuing in a band that is gentler on the skin and hair and making them practically unbreakable.
Prehab exercises like hands on the clock are an excellent way to warm up the whole shoulder musculature. Placing both hands through the Micro Band so it sits on the wrists, put both hands on the wall and point the fingers in different directions to one another, as the hands of the clock do to indicate the time.
Monster walks, where the band is looped around the ankles and you crab-walk sideways, are an excellent activation exercise for the glute muscles.
Finally, our Micro knitted bands are an exceptional way to teach formal cues, especially for an exercise like squatting. A common error when squatting is valgus collapse, or the knees coming together as the person descends. By looping a Micro Band Pro around the legs just above the knees, it forces the squatter to keep the Band under tension by pushing the knees out forcing the correct muscle to fire.

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