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Morgan MMA Grappling Training Dummy
5 out of 5 stars (4)
Code: MTD-1
Colour: Red/black
Size: 155cm stretched x 25kg approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

High quality Morgan MMA grappling dummy with realistic arms and legs designed for tactical training purposes.
* Comes factory FILLED and is constructed and designed to accommodate numerous grappling positions and manoeuvres and covered with a tough and durable synthetic leather.
* Designed for practising a multitude of popular ground grappling positions with the dummy having naturally bent knees that do not completely straighten out.
* Master the art of grappling by practising moving seamlessly from one position to another whilst perfecting the most important techniques including side control, taking the back and switching from a defensive position on your back to taking full mount control and all your favourite positions for submitting your opponent.
* Purpose built shoulder system designed to accommodate body triangles, arm bars and choke drills and many other grappling moves.
* The dummy is surprisingly versatile and can sit and stay on its legs and the leg can stretch out so half guard, De la Riva, X guard drill and leg locks are possible.
* The neck is designed to support you in doing similar moves to what you would do in regular training, allowing a guillotine, darce choke, anaconda choke etc. and very similar to a real human.
* Great for practising all kinds of transitions and controls; side mount, full mount, north-south, back control etc.
* Ideal grappling dummy for MMA tactical ground fighting positioning and light personal use ground fighting strikes with padded gloves when dummy is placed on soft foam matted flooring.
* Not recommend for heavy commercial use or for striking without shock absorbing padded protection or for using on hard floors without foam matting.

The Morgan MMA Grappling Training Dummy is your ideal training partner who is always ready and willing whenever you are to take your grappling and wrestling skills to the highest level with regular grappling drills and endurance training.

Perfect for all martial arts that wish to improve their grappling ground fighting including MMA mixed martial arts training.

Morgan MMA Grappling Training Dummy Dimensions:
Approx. 155 cm long when dummy is stretched out x 25 kg.

Product Warning:
MMA dummies should only be used under the supervision of a qualified trainer and must only be used on thick foam mat flooring for personal safety and proper care for a longer lasting dummy.

Masters Tip:
Always use good quality well padded MMA gloves and hand wraps to reduce impact on hands and joints and to prolong the life of your Morgan MMA Grappling Training Dummy.

5 out of 5 stars (4)
  • Morgan MMA Grappling Training Dummy Good service

    hello, received my order yesterday, thank you for the quick service and delivery. Overall very satisfied with the service and product.. thank you

    By: Daniel Prinz on | Was this helpful?   (14/13)
  • Morgan MMA Grappling Training Dummy Very HaPpY =)

    From the time of purchasing item to
    receiving item was less than 24Hrs. The
    communication was very professional and you felt
    that Universal Self Defence is willing to go
    further and beyond to help you out. I'm 5'7 in
    height and this Dummy is of perfect size for
    training. My Dummy received was definitely well
    constructed, couldn't ask for anything more. Oh,
    should you wish to have your dummy wear a Gi, I
    recommend an A2 belt as I bought A1 and it just
    fits, if you plan on tieing it properly. I 100%
    would highly recommend purchasing this Dummy from
    Universal Self Defence. Thanking you for providing
    a excellent service, hope to be back!

    By: George on | Was this helpful?   (26/20)
  • Morgan MMA Grappling Training Dummy Great Service

    I purchased a grappling dummy and a new Gi late on
    a Saturday night. That same night I received an
    email to confirm some delivery details, which I
    was surprised to have received in the first place
    but grateful to have this prompt reply. I received
    my items within 2 business days, in tact, and well
    packaged. I have already started using my new
    items and would recommend Universal Self Defence
    as place to purchase items from. Really happy with
    their service.

    By: Aaron on | Was this helpful?   (25/19)
  • Morgan MMA Grappling Training Dummy Just what I need..

    This grappling dummy is just what I need to improve my grappling at home. Its amazing how many techniques and grappling positions you can practice with it.

    By: Brett on | Was this helpful?   (41/24)
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