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Size: 1.41m total length x 20kg unloaded
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

High quality Olympic size hexagon shape squat trap bar.
* This is the perfect compact weight lifting Hex squat bar for both commercial gyms or for personal home use
* Made with a long lasting durable high grip Oxide coated finish
* 1.41 metres or 56 inches total length with 25 cm long loadable sleeves
* Diamond knurling hand grips 25 mm in diameter
* 20 kg unloaded weight with up to 400 kg maximum loading capacity
* This hexagon shaped trap squat bar features dual height neutral grip handles
* Can easily use the upper handles to perform shrugs for trap development, farmers walks or when you are going for that extra heavy lift
* The raised handles basically reduce your range of motion during the lift. For a fuller range of motion and to target the legs more directly you can easily switch to the lower handles.

The Morgan Oxide Hex Trap Bar is an ideal weight lifting weight training bar for developing the most extreme power, endurance and strength when lifting, carrying and squatting.

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