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Code: PW-7
Colour: blue
Size: 6cm long x 5cm high x 2.5cm deep approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Extra loud Morgan pealess sports whistle with 2 finger grip holder and/or personal safety whistle with lanyard.
* 2 finger grip sports whistle gives a great blast of authority.
* Be heard loud and clear officiating, refereeing or can be used as a personal safety whistle alert.
* More reliable pea less whistle design will still work in wet weather.
* Comes with adjustable lanyard.

This 2 finger grip Morgan pealess whistle is very handy when you want a better grip whilst holding the whistle in your hand.

With the lanyard you can leave whistle hanging so its in easy reach and always ready for action.

Morgan Sports Whistles with 2 Finger Grip Dimensions:
6 cm long x 5 cm high x 2.5 cm deep approx.

Do not blow close to the ear as this whistle has some serious penetrating power and may cause permanent damage to the ear.

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