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Top of the range Platinum Morgan leather bag gloves Gel Enforced curved bag mitts.
* These are the bag gloves with the best feel, and most comfortable fit.
* Featuring the latest in shock absorbing bag mitt gloves technology with an advanced silicone insert over the knuckle impact area.
* Uncompromising quality with 100 percent real leather being used to produce these premium grade curved Platinum model Morgan bag gloves,
* What also makes these bag gloves stand out from the rest is the high density, fast rebound memory, 4 cm thick inner padding,
* With the extra wide 3 inch military grade leather Velcro strap closure you can be sure these bag gloves will stay on tight and not move around,
* The thick grip bar gives added support making it easier for you to maintain a correct fist shape on impact.

Morgan Platinum Glove Size / Width around knuckles in cm:
S/16-18, M/17-21, L/20-24, XL/23-28.

These Gel Enforced Morgan Platinum bag gloves are made with 100 percent Nappa leather and are the perfect gloves to protect your hands during the most rigourous boxing workout when punching bags, focus pads and focus mitts.

Having a unique boxing glove style shape design, the Morgan Platinum Curved Bag Gloves gives you a more familiar feel and makes your bag work more practical when working your boxing sparring technique.

The Morgan Platinum gel enhanced leather bag mitts are injected with 4 cm of pre-curved layered foams for maximum shock absorbency and power with a natural fist closure. These bag mitt gloves are handcrafted and stitched using the best quality threads and integrated gel panels located over the knuckle area. A 3 inch wide wrap around leather wrist strap with hook-and-loop closure for a firm and secure attachment. Easy on and off is ideal for quick application and removal.

Masters Tip:
Bag gloves are not designed to be used as sparring boxing gloves.
For added wrist support use hand wraps.

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