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Code: SB-06
Colour: Black/White
Size: 10 inch or 12 inch
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Best quality professional grade 100 percent leather Morgan Platinum boxing speed ball.
* Made from genuine top grade cowhide leather with full length strap sewn into entire length of the ball
* Perfectly balanced and weighted speed ball with longer lasting dual encased bladder system that incorporates two bladders in the one speed ball
* Easy bladder changing with lace up release, no rivets or zippers
* Narrow swivel loop to fit most good quality swivels
* Choose 10 inch or 12 inch ball height
* 12 inch speed balls are ideal for general purpose use as the bigger ball is easier to hit
* 10 inch speed balls are ideal for experienced users as the smaller ball is faster and requires better timing and accuracy
* Platform hanger, swivel, pump and bladder needle not included
* Ideal for boxing fitness home use or gym
* Morgan brand logo design may vary

Boxing speed balls are tried and proven to be one of the best boxing training aids for speed, endurance, timing, co-ordination and reflexes

If you want the highest performing, longest lasting and economical boxing speed ball and you do not want to compromise on quality then you cannot do better than buying this professional grade 10 inch Morgan boxing speed ball.

Important Instructions:

How to inflate your boxing ball?
Before you inflate ball always moisten both the valve and the needle with silicone spray lubricant or glycerine oil.
Slowly insert needle in straight with rotary motion.
Only inflate ball until firm.
Do not over inflate above the recommended pressure.
Remove needle with rotary motion.
Boxing balls are designed to only take low air pressure.
Only use a hand pump and stop pumping once ball is firm to press with a bit of give in it so it is not too hard.

Masters Tips:
Do not try to hit too hard and you will master the boxing ball very quickly.
Boxing balls are for rhythm, timing, speed, accuracy and endurance.

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