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Colour: black/white
Size: 8 inches wide approx.
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Best quality high grade cowhide leather classic round shape floor to ceiling Morgan Platinum leather boxing ball.
* Very popular size and shape floor to ceiling ball used to improve speed, timing and accuracy
* Made from 100 percent real high grade cow hide leather
* Sturdy construction with reinforced loops sewn into the entire length of the boxing ball
* Strong and adjustable straps included
* Advanced zipper release system makes it easier to change the bladder when needed

The Morgan Platinum Leather Floor To Ceiling Boxing Ball is great for home, club or gym use and ideal for beginners to advance users.

Does not include pump or bladder needle or screws, hooks and brackets for floor or ceiling.

Approx. 8 inches wide round shape boxing ball

Colour and logo design may vary. Now in new 2 tone colour.

Important Instructions:

How to inflate your boxing ball?
Before you inflate ball always moisten both the valve and the needle with silicone spray lubricant or glycerine oil.
Slowly insert needle in straight with rotary motion.
Only inflate ball until firm.
Do not over inflate above the recommended pressure.
Remove needle with rotary motion.
Boxing balls are designed to only take low air pressure.
Only use a hand pump and stop pumping once ball is firm to press with a bit of give in it so it is not too hard.

Masters Tips:

Do not try to hit too hard and feel your rhythm and you will master the floor to ceiling boxing ball very quickly.
Start with short jab punches hitting the boxing ball as it comes towards you.
Boxing balls are for rhythm, timing, speed, accuracy and endurance.

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