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Code: KP-18A
Colour: Red
Size: 70cm x 38cm x 19cm approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Top senior grade Morgan heavy duty rugby league and rugby union football bump and hit shields.
* Designed specifically for elite level rugby football players and martial artists.
* Multilayer high density heavy duty one piece Australian made foam construction.
* Covered with extra tough 1200D Rip Stop material and has an extra padded cover to protect the holders hands on the side.
* Easy to hold rear supporting straps and tough strong protected handles on the sides with additional strap handles on the back, both top and bottom.
* Great rugby hit shield for shoulder bumping and hitting with the upper body area.
* Also great heavy duty strike shield for elite level martial artists and security defence forces
* Suitable for all football grades right up to the elite senior level.

The Morgan Pro Curved Rugby Hit Shields are ideal for rugby league or rugby union football clubs and for security personnel training.

Morgan Pro Curved Rugby Hit Shields Dimensions: 70 cm x 38 cm x 19 cm approx.

Masters Tips:

Do not hold any target or hit shield near your face, head or other vulnerable body areas to allow for the hit shield flying back or for any miss hits.
Hold rugby hit shield to the side of your body and take a strong well balanced stance with your feet apart and knees bent.
If you still have difficulty holding hit shields then its best to ask the hitter to lighten up.

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