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Code: HJ-17-V2
Size: 33.5cm high x 18cm wide x 3cm thick x 160gm per pce
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High quality Morgan handheld punch paddles focus targets (pair).
* Features high density closed cell inner foam for high impact shock absorption
* Punch paddle handles also help to reduce overall impact for the holder which is essential for trainers
* Also very easy to hold more safely well away from the holders body with the unique paddle handle gripping surface and elasticised wrist strap
* Great training aid that helps improve focus, speed and accuracy

The Morgan Punch Paddles handheld targets are mainly designed for light fast punching to improve speed, accuracy, focus, timing and endurance.

Punch paddles are a great focus target for personal use or as an instructors light use teaching aid.

Hand held focus targets are not designed for power hitting as they are lightweight and only have a small amount of resistance.

Developing accuracy and timing are the most important fundamentals of any effective martial art particularly when it comes to striking and invading.
It has been proven that training with smaller more challenging targets such as the punch paddles dramatically improves the students focus, timing and accuracy.

If you are looking for one of the most convenient and easy to use martial arts training aids to improve punching accuracy with any type of martial arts training then you have just found one of the best to suit your needs.

Morgan Punch Paddle Handheld Target Dimensions:
33.5 cm high x 18 cm wide x 3 cm thick x 160 gm per piece

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