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Colour: Plain or burnt design
Size: 50 inch/127cm or 72 inch/180 cm
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

High quality Morgan Rattan wood 50 inch Jo staffs or 72 inch Bo staffs.
* Choose Rattan wood plain colour in 50 inch/127 cm long Jo or 72 inch/180 cm long Bo
* Or choose the Rattan wood with the burnt design featuring tiger burn marks 72 inch/180 cm long Bo
* Both the Rattan plain and burnt design Jo and Bo staffs are approx. 3 cm in diameter width and are straight non tapered
* 127 cm Rattan Jo staffs are ideal for short distance staff pole fighting whilst 180 cm Rattan Bo staffs are perfect for more long distance pole staff combat
* Most popular wooden Rattan staffs for demonstrating traditional pole fighting martial arts
* Excellent martial arts training weapons for self defence against assailants holding sticks, long knives or swords
* Great for all types of self defence training and martial arts performances

Rattan staff pole fighting is real art form that requires much dedication and discipline which is rewarded with a great sense of satisfaction and confidence in your ability to defend yourself against all types of attacks including just about any object an attacker my grab and try to assault you with.

Using the shorter Jo and longer Bo Rattan wood staffs from Universal Self Defence is a great way to start your pole fighting training and they are also good for experienced pole fighters as well.

Rattan Jo Staff Dimensions:
127 cm (50 inch) x 3 cm

Rattan Bo Staff Dimensions:
150 cm (72 inch) x 3 cm

The Rattan wood Jo & Bo staffs are non tapered straight shape and are approx. 3 cm wide from end to end.

Masters Warnings:
Do not poke or slash with Rattan fighting staffs and other training weapons into face to avoid eye or other possible injuries.

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